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They are all crazyyyy. Petri tårar, Herbert & Robert: Carl-Einar Häckner, also Charlie Häckner, born 8 October 1969) is a Swedish illusionist, actor and comedian. Early life. Häckner was born in Nol, Ale Municipality and raised in Gårdsten, Angered, a suburb of Gothenburg.


Petri tårar Quotes. No quotes approved yet for Petri tårar. Logged in users can submit quotes. God god god. Någon som vet vad låten på 09:15 heter? så sjukt bra. Petri tårar (1995. Rotten Tomatoes. Dr Jekyll and Ms Hyde 1995. Petri tårar (1995. Movie, Moviefone. Si, malísimo el film, el libro mucho mejor, el final pésimo en la película, le faltan muchos detalles para que se entienda: Curt es el psicópata, las huellas del trineo no se pueden seguir! Sanna no se acostaba con Thomas, y así podría seguir.

The only Swedish people I've met were pretty happy and upbeat and not crazy and uptight like the ones in her books. Maybe it's a regional thing. Even one comment! I'm searching song from 6:50. Such a great music in this movie.

Petri Tarar (1995. Erich Hortnagl, Synopsis

In the film, Thomas is an awful person; in the book Curt was the real psycho.




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