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Looks like some great Israeli propaganda. Clearly none of these scenes were even filmed in Beirut no. Rachel and Rachel = TAKE MY MONEY. I've been trying to find words that do this film justice for hours. I am unable to. Has nothing to do with beirut 😂 well, only the title... Beautifully heavily crafted. Oscar worthy without a doubt.


Beirut is a shitpile nation. Let it implode upon itself. Lebanon never had any Islamic Liberation party or anything to do with such romanticized Extremism which hollywood Loves so much. Pathetic, I don't know where did you get this story from, may I was born and raised in Beirut during the war and I never heard about this story. I can assure you this not in lebanon. Also a camel on the beach lol, I never seen camel in my life. Another Hollywood movie. I feel so sorry for the director of the movie Brad, you waisted your money making this fake story, you should seek one of our Lebanese brothers who can give a good story about lebanon in 1982. Pathetic yak.

So sad you feel offended, mate, but it's part of the history of that country which you cannot change. Funny how he says: This is my house we're talking about, I keep it in order. And then they are kissing seconds later. Bitter irony. OMG!this is not beirut. I will be looking forward to seeing this movie. 2000 years of revenge? Vendetta? Trying that hard to make another American movie that interesting? Fake propaganda.

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