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An amazing story of bravery and human endurance. Well done, Drach! Thanks. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you're not a robot. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting cookies. Type the characters you see in this image: Try different image Conditions of Use Privacy Policy 1996-2014, Inc. or its affiliates.

USS Franklin: Honor restored. Uss franklin 3a honor restored remix. Home > USS Franklin: Honor Restored > Quotes « Movie Details USS Franklin: Honor Restored Quotes No quotes approved yet for USS Franklin: Honor Restored. Logged in users can submit quotes. Find More Movie Quotes. Those Japanese dive bomber pilots that scored the late war conventional hits on US carriers while flying alone or in small formations had both the balls and the brains. Probably some luck as well but regardless I really wish they could be identified by name. At Midway the Japanese carriers, for all the raw power they packed, had no radar to alert them to an attack. By late war, however the US carrier groups had a large numerical and technological advantage in almost every way.

Wow, That was impressive, terrifying, inspiring, and breathtaking. Thanks for telling Franklin's story. Uss franklin 3a honor restored karaoke. Uss franklin honor restored trailer. Uss franklin: honor restored. This is some of your finest work Drachs. I hung off every word. Ask scopely who got the bright idea to put starting mission and killing hostiles in the exact same system not once but 2x? So many ships no one can even get in. Not to mention players like myself who could target the ships but were unable to atk them. Just goes to hostile then sits idle.

CV-13 was unlucky, eh? And the Mk 13 torpedo was a dud, eh? 🤔. USS Franklin: Honor restore.



I'm just scrolling through my YouTube recommended then what do I see. What to do when everything is on fire. Interesting I'm going to watch this now. Rev. honest question. How long before the Devs come out and say we made a mistake with the Franklin? Its supposed to be 2.4x damage, not the 24 we said. I mean, their nerfing Carol. Do you think they will compensate those players that spent money to get Carol previously? I mean, they Im sure bought her based off of her stats. Now, those stats are getting nerfed. I gotta hand it to you man. Humor, history, accuracy, and wit. it's like Black Adder teaching at university.

Uss franklin: honored restored. Could someone maybe take the time to list where each warp core upgrade mission chain can be activated. I have gotten to level 20 but the next tier for warp interlock wouldn't show itself so I bit the bullet and bought it. simply wouldn't show itself and can't seem to find how to trigger the quest the game suggests is suppose to happen at level 20 from when you look at the warp core part that exists stating it's available from in a level 20 nothing triggered and I had upgraded everything else... waqiting on a couple last researches and think I revisited everywhere there were swarm thing a pay to play.

Do people really like the music! That's why I don't like people. USS Franklin: Honor restorer. Uss franklin honor restored 2011. My Father was 1st class radar man and 60 mm gunner at the battle of Okinawa on March 19, 1945 sleeping in his compartment C-217-IEL when two 500 pound bombs struck, 30-45 minutes later he was able to climb out a safety hatch and found himself on the aft part of the ship consumed by fire and massive explosions, blown overboard having sustained multiple wounds, he tread water for about two hours before finding a section of flight deck timber and was fished out of the water a few minutes later and pumped full of Morphine, when he woke up 65 hours later they were heading for Guam, the captain of the ship accused many of abandoning ship without orders so he and many other sailors never got their Purple Hearts, the Navy later dropped all charges but he never knew.

Outstanding video, once again. those “Castle Co.” 8mm films of event were a great find. Also please enlighten us as to the details of the USS Franklins commanding officers strange “Queeg-like” attitude toward his brave crew in the aftermath of the attack. I mean, after all, it was his choice not to be at general quarters at the time the Judy made her bomb run on his vessel. Especially being only a stones throw from the Empires own coast line. And. do you know if there are any other published materials about this particular officers allegations toward so many of his crew? Sounds like a fairly unique situation, HMS Bounty and Captain Bligh notwithstanding.

Why is it, every youtube video has to include relentless, repetitive, mind numbing epic music? I liked the piece used in this about 30 seconds. Tone it down and let the epic history speak for itself. Men: I ain't fighting fire Also Men: Goes through unbreathable smoke to fight HELL ON WATER. Uss franklin 3a honor restored live. Top shelf sailors, every one! Thank God I never had to endure something like that while serving on the USS Midway CV-41. Thanks for a great piece of historical video that was so well done. Heroism shown for the love of their brothers. Fuel of hate had brought them to that place... Just as with this, Pearl Harbor or any major event in history with mass casualties, it digs at me that we don't know the names of the unknown heros. The men and women who make those split second choices to do something that saves other people's lives. Other people they likely don't even know. Who was that sailor that slammed that hatch shut ? Something we will never know but will never forget. Fitting this video comes out on 9/11. Anyway amazing work as always Drach.

Of all the things the crew of the USS Franklin found themselves short of that day. Courage and Heroism were not among them... Uss franklin honor restored. I found some clippings inside a desk at my mother's house. There was an obituary of my uncle whom had been a fighter pilot in WWII. It mentioned that he was on the USS FRANKLIN. The Franklin? Never heard of it. When I went to the library and researched it I - WAS - STUNNED! When I asked my father for his opinion even HE didn't know anything! My brother was real quiet when he came back, etc, etc. Now I know why. You need to send this video to the taihou crew. My uncle was a mount captain on a 40mm quad mount AA gun he said it was absolutely one of the terrifying thing he went through he was also on the battleship West VIRGINIA at Pearl Harbor and a heavy cruiser that was blown out from underneath him during a night time battle off Guadalcanal. He was transferred to another carrier during the Okinawa campaign I can't remember which carrier I'm thinking either the Randolph or the Ticonderoga. RIP.

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Amazing vidio.
Thrilled to hear a mention of Father O'Callahan, that's one of my favorite Medal of Honor citations. A real leader in that battle.

During her wartime career, the USS Franklin suffered 924 deaths, second only to the USS Arizona for most deaths among American warships. Franklin was only 50 miles from Japan when stricken. Outstanding documentary of a good ship and brave crew, Sir. The lessons learned aboard USS Franklin and other ships, are remembered and taught to every young sailor at Great Lakes. Every sailor is a firefighter. Some will become rated DC professionals but every sailor is taught the basics. There is no 911 to call at sea. Uss franklin 3a honor restored new.