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Published on January 1, 2020, 1:59 pm — Romance





She has an incredible posture😜. Her posture so good it hurts my back. She looks like Pam from The Office. This film is the best musical I have seen in years. The singing is great and the performances outstanding. The theme, about agricultural sustainibility and the dangers of big-agro monoculture, seems far fetched for a musical romane. But theme blends in perfectly due to some clever, articulate lyrics. The serious subject is a scaffolding to lift up the entire piece, rather than weighing it down.
It's nice to see- and hear- a musical where the main players can actually sing. So much better, for example, than the vastly overrated "La La Land."
I generally love horror and suspense and serious dramas. but it's nice to take in this movie and feel the joy and hope it radiates.

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4:45 Holy crap, The Amazing Spider-Man himself. I always get this sense when I hear her talk that she is ‘pretending to be interesting, something disingenuous. One of a kind. Actually thought Brie is a new actress. Captain Marvel's posture is excellent in the entire interview. I think guys are hating on Brie Larson because she has a 200% on stealing your girl. Jimmy Got her back at 4:48. for making the joke abt wearing her costume and the Contract thing for arting the show straight off with an attack. She probably learned not to mess with Talk show hosts. Anyway check it out and decide for Urself I Personally felt satisfied when Jimmy got her back.

She was a little girl in 2004? I'm old

She just seems like a Californian girl archetype, why are people suddenly making such a big deal out of her personality. Its like she didnt hear anything he said. So many people have commented on Brie Larson's wonderful posture.

„They said 50:50 - this feels like 100% 🤢🤮“ 😂🙈

Brie: “i always been the captain, you just didnt know “ Chris: “am I a joke to you “. Decided to sit up straight while watching this clip.





They usually cast indian americans for these rolls since the casting process ordinarily takes place in L.A so how are u gonna get those indigenous actors. btw Gian you should watch Argo its really a good movie.

I though it says Jeremy Clarckson

Captain Marvel: Im invincible Rogue: Hold my gloves. After watching Samuel L. Jackson's interview on here, now I understand why they're great friends. The guy should have atleast had Indian English accent... 😄. I dont know I think youre reaching. I dont think shes trying to sound offended I think shes being sarcastic but its not coming off very well.

Sending a researcher to do marketer jobs. Whoops Whoopsie. 9:24 That's the T-1000 turn. Thank u for video. How could you attack Brie like that? She coming in a great, white horse ready to save the Cosmos. She is the ultimate Savior, Lol... This interview made me unhate her. She's so adorable! We all have our flaws guys. Wow lol. All the cultural sensitivity of a bugs bunny asian impersonation. Punjabi music❤️. Renners body language was priceless, especially the your so full of it eye scratch. 2:05 is the moment you realize shes insecure about herself. We will find out in 20 years when all this is forgotten and there is some reveal all special.

They chose the wrong person for captin marvel. If I face palmed really hard. I'd have a lump on my head cause of my ring. This is so bad... Can't expect anything good about basmati from the country who patented and stole it from india in 1997 luckily they were able to get RiceTec to patent just the 3 strains that they developed.



Captain marvel.