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Published on January 13, 2020, 7:22 pm — Biography

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I find it interesting how the birthplace of society 'Mesopotamia' modern Iraq) has also been the hotbed for unrest over the ages... When Where Western Intervention In Peaceful Country There's Chaos. This is amazing. @ 24:48 Indeed. Thanks a lot for this video, great job. Respect to all whose fight against this ISIS murderers. A guy i knew died yesterday in baghouz southeastern syria fighting isis in the ypg. For all calling out gods bless, It was a gods war in the first place. 2004 we fought for and held Mosul. What's that? Hints of some honest to god good journalism? Keep it up. One of the best documentaries I have ever seen.

1:55 Dragonnav...


ISIS is a cancer. Now its time raise voice for the freedom of Baloch people. I request my Indian friends to raise their voice and reply Pakistans propaganda on Kashmir by #Freebalochistan comment in all social media platforms. Very admirable men fighting for a just cause. May the fallen be remembered in the hearts, of those who believe in freedom from agression. I LOVE FRONTLINE. Solid documentary. Thank you for taking your time to travel and risk your own life, to cover the world's most horrendous atrocities going unspoken.

God bless you Emile, and God bless the #YPG. YPJ and everyone who fights evil...





I watched a man die at 1:55. Carajitas estúpidas, padres sin autoridad. Exceso de libertad en una cabeza que aún apenas a dejado los pañales. Toman decisiones y arrastran a toda una sociedad en sus arranques de bobadas. Forget the acting witness issuance (is.

Ugh Im hung on the side of a chopper Sweats On hands. Ahora morirá por estúpida xd.


When will the documentation will be published. Why giving the city to them back in 2014 than suffer all of this al-maliki government is the one bhind all of that + cia. and more just to convert iraq to shisem by force and other goals. back in 2006 Iraqi resistance made a short video telling the world how the us is preparing the ground for an sunni shia civil war in 2006 just imagine so isis can not come to power without outside support isis are just using religion as a cover while archiving other goals even for some governments most of isis top leaders are secular. isis was just a game evry thing is clear now imagine the good people who died in this game.

And it all started with a US President and how he BS the World with that WMD thing. and it got worse nearly 20 years after. Thanks George. 28:25 He just swept his buddy. 🤤🤤🤤🤤😲😲😲. 6:44 What's with Mohammed's shoulder patch there, the Stars and Stripes superimposed on a skull. I loved it when the iraqi's were trying to copy the americans on doing some exercise lol. They are real brave hearts. Respect from India 🇮🇳🇮🇳.



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