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Code blue is the most universally recognized emergency code. Code blue means there is a medical emergency occurring within the hospital. Healthcare providers can choose to activate a code blue. Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock Your Super Powers and Create. Created by Laurence Heath. With Lorne Greene, Andrew Stevens, Julie Adams, Sam J. Jones. The adventures of a Los Angeles Fire Department Battalion Chief's family and crew.

Code red 1. A fire is occurring in the facility, or. 2. There are weather conditions that are potentially hazardous to health by dint of pollutants and/or high air temperatures. Code Red, Service, City of Philadelphia. What Is a "code Red" in the Marines.


Code Red (TV Series 1981-1982. I saw the trailer of the movie a few years ago. It got me excited but then I kinda forgot about it. Found the finished movie by accident recently.
The bad things first - It's not a movie that will become a cult classic or even memorable. The script is pretty usual. There is lots of cheese in both dialogues and characters. The main character, GI Joe El Macho, aka Special Forces agent John McGahey was literally made of Mozzarella and topped with Gorgonzola. FX are a bit old school and green screen is apparent in some scenes.
The plot is based on real events that happened in Bulgaria. Few years ago there was an "accident" at a weapons warehouse at Chelopechene. It was widely suspected that it was a cover up for stolen munitions. First 15 minutes(scenes of Stalingrad) are excellent. I think they were shot by a team different than the one that did the rest. Zombies are plenty. I prefer fast and agile ones(28 Days Later type) and they are in Code Red. Acting is decent. The characters were shallow but actors did a decent job to make them believable.
A note to my fellow Bulgarian viewers - The image of Bulgaria presented in the movie is cliché 90s Eastern Europe. I don't know if this is required to make the movie marketable abroad, but please don't make a fuss about it. We are either too touchy or too nihilistic about this kind of stuff. And please go and. buy the movie if you liked it. It's a local production with decent results. We don't get too many of them. Please support the people that managed to do it.
This is a B movie so if you are general viewer the score is 4/10. As a horror/zombie genre fan I would give it an honest 6/10. My actual score is 7/10 but that's due to sentimental reasons.

The first reason Code Red is different from keto is, Code Red emphasizes sleep and water, in addition to high-fat and low-carb. Third, the word "keto" brings with it a toxic mindset I call the diet mentality. People with the diet mentality want a quick, temporary fix they can abandon once they're done losing weight. The Code Red Revolution: How Thousands of People are Losing.