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Published on December 30, 2019, 10:30 pm — Biography


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He hasn't lost touch with the reality,he knows there is another world out there different to his, he knows his roots and is proud of it. wonderful man and an athlete. The Ronaldo reaction. Jajaja ronaldo para 2019 en el madrid 😂😂😂 ay q actualisarlo q esta en la juve.


Wow what a plot on 6 min video. The true GOAT for me who adapted, improved, matured as time went on. The other one was slaying defenders ever since he hasn't changed one bit but this one has changed over time. Getting better and better as time goes on. The kid got such a good deal. Spent like what, a few years as Ronaldo, got the best mental/skills training you could get, lived like a rockstar, then comes back to a body that Cristiano Ronaldo has spent those last few years training up all the way to the national squad and Man City. I know its not real but frankly I laughed at the moment when messi said u r not the best r u mate? lmao.

CR7 good. Its just to show that Messi is not good. Why would messi say such thing. Should be called Arrogantaldo: The topless legend HUUUU. Any person who is watching this in 2019 like. Portugal.