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Published on January 4, 2020, 8:17 pm — Reality-TV




This is film making, not movie making and if you don't understand the difference you might struggle to understand the film.
There are no bombs, flames or explosions but there is plenty of grit, pathos and some tidy cinematography.
Because of or in spite of the dreariness of the location where most of it was filmed, Tragic Nottingham ? Dunno, but it fits well.
The opening shot of Stephen Graham is worth the price of admission alone and from that shot you know what you're supposed to be going to get.
Sadly and all too often, such promise quickly fades but not here. The cast keep it tight enough to hold your interest and loose enough for the dialogue to be relaxed and natural, right through to the inevitable end.
This is in no short measure down to the talented cast, held together by Stephen Graham, another British actor from over here, who's doing rather well over there.
MORE like this, please, film makers.

@fumblenuts64 Or maybe for once the Trailer hasn't given away the whole movie... The best laid plans. The Best Laid Plans: A Novel. [EVENT] Best Laid Plans. Twisting and turning I'm feeling the burning. [Sports. What went wrong? Best-laid plans mostly failed for Bears in 2019, Chicago Sun-Times. This movie is very scary because the chances of it happening in real life are good. Damn... good thing it has a les scene...


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I BROKE A LAMP xD. Wha. but usually owen wilson is the good guy and gets the girl. Agnes Bruckner I just lover her. The Positive Grimdark thread (recommend your adult dark fantasy here. Looks good! i wanna see this. Best laid plans.