720p Hidden Heart original (on ios)

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Hidden Heart



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I don't care if people are saying that frozen is for little kids, I am sooooo watching this 😁. Who all remembers Dallas and ally from Austin and ally when Lauras character had a crush on Noahs character. NARNIA 2.0. You can't just follow me into fire Then don't run into fire My favourite quote from this trailer and one of my favourite moments from the movie. Gotta appreciate Anna's loyalty and support there. I'm so very much looking forward to seeing this movie! <3 The music sounds amazing too. “And the SEA! MAY! BURN!” Gets me every time.





Anyone else watching the Witcher on Netflix or played the games? This list is designed to give the players interesting quests, having to choose between one evil or another, with no clear answer. These quests should not be a simple switch of the antagonist, but rather revealing both sides as being antagonistic or protagonistic while also having the party involved in the outcome, actions or inactions. Examples include: innocent monsters, white lies, an evil with a soft spot, a typical good that.

#Searing Smite *The troll's rotting flesh was oozing off the bone as it shambled forward. Its putrid stench clung to the inside of Garrius' nose, threatening to overwhelm his other senses. He watched as Urnot, unperturbed by the smell, charged the monster and cleaved his battleaxe into its side. The dwarf's fiery confidence was quickly extinguished, as the undead troll slammed Urnot's head to the ground. A sickly squishing sound filled the chamber, and the wound made by Urnot's axe began.


Album of the Year #6: Drake - Care Package. [US/CAN] Creed- Bois du Portugal.