Mac Os Action USA Sanitarium - Anstalt Des Grauens

Published on January 9, 2020, 1:46 am — Game-Show


This was a good movie. Not anything fantastic, but worth watching on a rainy day. It was very much like a Twilight zone, with 3 different stories, or the old 80's movies/TV shows Tales of the Crypt. The first story has John Glover, doing an excellent job of portraying the crazy artist struggling to hang onto reality. The second stars Lacey Chabert, playing a concerned school teacher worried about the welfare of one of her students who might be being abused by his father (played wonderfully by Chris Mulkey. The best story was the last, with Lou Diamond Phillips. He was really convincing as a college professor who becomes obsessed with the Mayans prediction of the end of the world in 2012. His obsession has him spending his family's' savings creating an underground bunker to protect them when the time comes. All three stories are about people who have lost touch with reality. They are institutionalized and then you get flashbacks of their lives before they were committed. Would recommend if you like this type of story.