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Noukadubi (Bengali: নৌকাডুবি, Boat wreck" is a Bengali film directed by Rituparno Ghosh, released in January 2011. The movie is a period film set in the 1920s, based on a 1906 novel with the same name by Rabindranath Tagore, although the credits claim that the film is 'inspired' by the Tagore novel because Rituparno Ghosh has taken the skeleton of the original story and. The latest Tweets from アカウント移行 ( no_ 2song. 新しくしました ︎@SONG_1219. KJ ART→ASU MP Illusrator.

Created Date: 20171201120834Z. Douha alia Lyrics: Adouha 3liya adouha 3liya ah adouha 3liya elbolissiya *2 (refrain. Jibou li mali jibou li mali jibou li mali mali mali dak ghzali / Refrain / Jabou lha l'auto jabou lha l'auto. "Noukadubi" is the original Bengali title for this film. However, the version available to me ( Kashmakash" was translated in Hindi- and the film was edited down a bit. I cannot compare the original to the one I saw, but assume the editing was probably a good thing, as the shorter version still has a very slow and deliberate pace- and didn't seem at all rushed.
The story is based on a story by the same name by Rabindranath Tagore. However, Kashmakash" is the skeleton of the original story and has been changed a bit- which is not particularly surprising- especially since the original story was about 90 years old.
Ramesh is a law student who has fallen in love with Hemnalini. However, Ramesh's father has picked out another women, Susheela, for him to marry. While his first impulse is still to marry Hemnalini, it is the 1920s and he is also moved by Susheela's mother and so he abandons his original plan to marry his beloved.
When Ramesh is on his boat leaving with his bride, a storm breaks out and the boat is capsized. He survives and finds his new wife on shore- and he takes her home. However, eventually he realizes that this woman is a bride- but NOT his! It seems that another boat was also capsized- his new wife died and this other one just happened to be nearby in her capsized boat! Now here is the part I didn't understand. Why didn't he just tell her of the mistake and return to Hamnalini- especially since they have never consummated their marriage even after several months? Instead, he keeps it to himself and broods. Because of this, I really disliked Ramesh and wanted to see nasty things happen to him.
More time passes. The new wife, Kamala, sees an old notice in the paper and realizes she is NOT Ramesh's wife. So, she does what any good Indian woman would do- leaving him a letter apologizing for getting in the way and killing herself. BUT, she does not drown when she walks into the river and is taken in by some holy men who bring her back to health. Later, she is given a job working as a maid in the home of a doctor- who just happens to be the man she was to have really married! But, by now, the nice doctor has fallen in love. And, coincidence of coincidences, he's in love with Hemnalini- the woman Ramesh fell in love with at the beginning of the film! And, since Hemnalini has learned that Ramesh is married, she is free to give her heart to the doctor. What will become of this incredibly complicated mess?
I must admit that the plot to "Kashmakash" is ridiculous. The number of coincidences exceeds the viewer's capacity to suspend disbelief. However, despite a story you can't possibly believe, the film works well for many reasons. It has great music and cinematography- and looks lovely. Also, it unfolds so nicely that you can allow yourself to let go and enjoy the film. I also liked the style of singing in the film. While the film does have the required Bollywood allotment of singing, they are not the huge production numbers you often see and are much more personal and subtle. And, overall, it's well worth your time even if I STILL have no idea why the guy didn't just set things right when he FIRST discovered the woman was not his bride.

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