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Please say, “Theres only one way this ends. Last man standing.”. Pillager: Shoots hive* Bees: Im about to end this mobs whole career. Welcome to the danger zone. Looks like a rehash of every iconic scene from the first movie... Ending of the movie: Luke wakes up from a terrible dream. “Pan Caliente Café con Leche” I love that Edit: I'm Dominican and seeing my flag there it's just- Wow.

Tom Cruise flying a Hornet... Now Rest Tomcat. Tom cruise is gonna die in this movie. Chris Prine: Looks at YouTube rewind 2019 Gal Gadot: Thats just a trash can. The end of a saga. There's some people who've heard that about Star Wars for the third time in their lives. Top Gun was my Dad's favorite movie for two reasons: 1. He was a Pilot 2. I was born on the day the movie came out, May 16th 1986.

There hasn't been a ghost sighting in 30 years Women: rRrRrEeEeEeEeEeEeEeE

After watching this movie and seeing the bad reviews, must be the worst way to end a significant franchise which had so much potential. Looks like the same story with a different intro. Cant wait until Palpatine tells Ray about the tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise. Can I say that I need better ending Why Ben should die, why. You broke my heart. Ooooh, you had me at how does it feel. The trailer is rad. Please add a achievement called ya like jazz. The Rock and Kevin Hart playing two old men is something I didn't know I needed XD. “And when our children tell our stories, theyll tell the story of the Heights”. I collect spores, molds and fungus. It appears he wasn't lying. Jane austine ❣. Next year Diana: It's all art! Steve goes to YouTube Diana: That's just a trash can.






The sound design better be on par with Dunkirk's. When Ölüler XXI Asr Watch Full Movie Online Stream Watch* Online*Hollywoodreporter Ölüler,XXI,Asr,Full,Free,Movie. Red guardian: looks fat in the suit. Thor: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary. Am I the only one who thought this was a new DC movie? 😂. Thought the character was John Henry irons before I clicked on trailer. It's not beck in the final shot. I went back to the last episode of season 1 and the person at the end of this shot has on different clothes and shoes. Beck had two outfits on in the last episode but the shoes were the same the slippers, not sneakers it's either Candice at some point or a new victim.

Why the hell there are 5k dislikes man. Christopher Nolan is a legend. Watch Ölüler XXI Asr Online Boxofficemojo 720px Ölüler XXI Ölüler XXI Asr in Hindi... Now this is what i call a outstanding Role and an outstanding story. BRAVO. I still cant get over Karen Gillian 😍. Diretor do antigo Batman, o novo Batman e o Alfred. O que não falta nesse filme é potencial.

Should have played flight of the bumblebee i mean, it'd be ironic. I want the ending to make the fire house their hq at the end of the movie. Nolan literally: drinks time eats time sleeps time studies time shows time play with time. ثلاجة 😁🇮🇶. The visuals, the dialog, the soundtrack. Actually gave me goosebumps. If you dip a cookie in too much nostalgia, you get a soggy unpalatable mess. If you dip it into nostalgia just right, you get mmmm mmmm. The Amazing Nolan. Why is she barefooted ? she already stepped on a nail.

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