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So. its a town where they kill wandering alcoholics? That's kinda mean. And pointless. Van Wilder is the best. 1:04:45. Cougar hunting elk. Cougar hunting movie cast. I'm not gonna write out the storyline like other reviews have on this page just to save time.
Personally i think some of the reviews on this page are very unfair. It's a raunchy teen comedy, What do you want? it's not directed by the Cohen brothers. This film is no better or worse than any teen comedy before it. To be honest i liked the fact it's a different slant on teen comedy and it's a fresh style steering away from the 'Bro! you cannot graduate a virgin! teen movies (which basically is what every American Pie spin off was.
This film had some good laughs and had a pretty solid comedy storyline: 3 guys town full of hot older women looking for sex. How can the storyline be confusing?
I would definitely tell my friends about this movie and it's nice to see some fresh faces on the teen comedy circuit instead of Sean William- Scott in everything.
Not a classic but good for a laugh! i give this movie 7/10.

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