— Country=South Africa Summary=Spud 2: The Madness Continues is a movie starring John Cleese, Troye Sivan, and Sven Ruygrok. Spud faces the second year of boarding school whilst still waiting for his own body to mature as much as he has average rating=6,8 of 10 Star Duration=1 hours 31 min Byron Langley, John Cleese Read more

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Creator: Guillermo Carnero; Release Date: 2017; Directed by: Guillermo Carnero; abstract: A Residence above the Clouds is a movie starring Craig Brownhill, Andy Lawrence, and Antonio Mampaso. In 1856, frustrated by the polluted skies in Edinburgh, Charles Piazzi Smyth, the Astronomer Royal for Scotland and Jessie, his Read more

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Charles E. Cullen

Slaughter Claus is a movie starring Charles E. Cullen, Zombie, and Nelson Oliver. You better watch out, literally, because Santa and his bi-polar elf are coming to town

Genres - Horror

2,7 of 10 Stars

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— 125 votes / runtime: 88 Min / Writed by: Kristina Rocco / Horror / 2011 Read more

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  1. Genre=Documentary
  2. Runtime=56 Minute
  3. 11 Vote
  4. Fabrizio Laurenti
  5. cast=Luis Molteni
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— country=China / Nan Zhang / duration=1H, 40m Read more

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rating=2,3 of 10; Directed by=Robert Alesandro; 2018; 77 Votes; Thriller Read more

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reviews - White Dwarf is a movie starring Gregory Thomas, Anil Raman, and Heather Ankeny. 'White Dwarf' is a blend of story and documentary that examines the culture of Hollywood when shooting stars eventually lose their luster. The film

directors - Ryan Fox

Year - 2014

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— Documentary. release Date=2018. director=Agustin Doram Read more


— India duration: 2Hour, 13 M writed by: Babji Chalapathi Rao Read more

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— 6,2 of 10; Genre=Drama; Ryûta Amazume; Nana Chigusa is perfect in every way; she's top of her class, she's part of the student council, and she's drop dead gorgeous. Kaoru Sugimaru is the opposite; he's ugly, stupid and a total pervert. They couldn't be more different yet they live next door to each other and are childhood friends. However, fate will bring them together in the kinkiest way. What will happen to these two when when they find that their tastes are more similar that each of them thought?; Actor=Daiki Bandô, Madoka Asai Read more

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— Milena Predic
Creator - Marko Jocic, Tatjana Ilic
country - Serbia
directed by - Miroslav Stamatov
Taksi bluz is a movie starring Andrija Milosevic, Milena Predic, and Todor Jovanovic. A taxi driver's normal shift turns into a chaotic adventure
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  1. Audience score: 42 votes
  2. 78m
  3. Directed by: Conor Armstrong Sanfey
  4. Rating: 8,5 of 10
  5. star: Hannah Crowley
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— Rating 9,3 of 10. country USA. Actors Alexander Chavez. genres Documentary. The Blacksmith is a short starring Alexander Chavez. Before recorded history there have been professions that have been tempered and preserved through time and still exist today. None of them have been more important than that of Read more


— Doug and Amber were madly in love and married during their college years. Driven by the "dream" of a prosperous life together - Amber worked two jobs to put Doug through school. Soon after they shared in his business success and celebrated the birth of their precious, beautiful daughter. Fast forward 15 years - Amber has continued to be committed to her husband and their marriage, but Doug has fallen into the traps of an unfaithful spouse, convincing himself that he wants more out of life. In the midst of this turmoil, tragedy strikes, but the series of events that follows just might give this couple a chance to survive and once again regain the love for one another that was pledged in their sacred vows, 15 years earlier
Runtime 85 Min
tomatometer 6,7 / 10 star
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— Directed by - Marcus Reyes / Countries - USA / genres - Documentary / release date - 2018 Read more

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— 102 Minute. Genre: Comedy. 1001 vote. User ratings: 3,8 / 10 Star. Release year: 2011 Read more